Emergency Pharmacy

We are on holiday leave on June 17th up to June 24th 2019
In case of emergency pleace contact during practice hours:
Hr. Al Dalbozi Königsbach-Stein07232-2237
Hr. Drgala Königsbach-Stein07232-5485

Emergency services of the Pforzheim clinics outside the practice times:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 19.00h until 24:00h,
Wedensday 14:00h until 24.00h
Friday 16.00h until 24:00h,
Weekend and public holiday: 8:00h until 24:00h
You can call the emergancy services under: 116 117 (WITHOUT Towncode)
Details under The emergency room of the Pforzheim clinics is available for 24hours. Upon requirement also surgery at home is offered by the Pforzheim clinics.

By risk of life please can 112